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Start Your Children’s School Year Off Right With Healthy Teeth!

Posted September 27, 2021 in Pediatric Dentistry

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It’s been a while since most kids were in a real classroom. For over a year, most children attended their classes online. 

With the new school year starting, many kids are now heading back to the classroom! So why not start the school year off right by scheduling a dental appointment for your little ones? Visiting the dentist ensures that their teeth are healthy and problems are corrected before school starts.

Young boy at a dentist office

What Are the Benefits of Back-to-School Dental Appointments?

According to the CDC, children with poor oral health receive lower grades and often miss more school than children with healthy teeth. Whether your child is going to a physical school or continue doing online classes, it’s always best to get a dental appointment before classes start to avoid other dental problems down the road.

Get in touch with the experienced staff at Gentle Care Dentistry to ensure your little ones get the best dental service they deserve.

Early Detection Prevents Dental Problems

It’s best to get a regular check-up to avoid more serious dental problems. During the appointment, the dentist can detect and treat teeth and gum issues that could worsen in the future if left untreated. 

Getting treatment avoids other problems such as dental-related absences and tardiness in school.

Taking your children in for routine dental appointments when they are young will instill the importance of continuing this practice as they get older. This can lead to healthier teeth and gums down the road.

Develop Good Oral Hygiene

As much as possible, remind your child to practice good oral hygiene at all times. One of the most effective ways to do this is to take them to the dentist. 

Your trusted dentist can talk to your child about the importance of good at-home oral hygiene and how it can improve their overall health long term.

Two children sitting in a dentist office.

Build Long-Term Relationships With Their Dentist

Regular dental appointments allow your little ones to become familiar with the dentist and what to expect during their appointment. Plus, with regular back-to-school dental appointments, your children will learn that these appointments are a standard part of their new school year activities, making the process easier and more enjoyable for them.

Contact Gentle Care Dentistry

Do you need dental care for your little ones? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! Our dentists are committed to providing only the best dental services to all our patients, especially children.

We offer preventative care to prevent the development of any serious dental problem. For children who are anxious to visit a dentist, we can perform sedation dentistry so your child is more relaxed and will have a pleasant experience during the appointment. We also teach your child the proper way to take care of their teeth and why it’s important to establish a routine. 

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