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Category: Emergency Dental Care

Ouch! My Tooth Hurts. How Soon Should I See a Dentist?

Posted December 16, 2023

When is a good time to have a toothache? Never! Dental pain is always an inconvenient intrusion and causes discomfort that ranges from a dull ache to sharp or throbbing pain, signaling potentially serious dental issues. This comprehensive blog explores the various causes of toothaches, underscores the importance of prompt dental intervention, and sheds light […]

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Oh No! It’s an Emergency! Steps to Take When You Need Dental Help FAST

Posted August 24, 2023

4-Minute Read: Tooth pain, irritated gums, and overall oral discomfort are never fun. When this pain and discomfort persists, it might be a dental emergency. When you experience a dental emergency, it can be hard to know what to do. While the first step should always be to call your dentist for an appointment, there […]

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5 Tips for a Dental Emergency

Posted April 28, 2022

3 Minute Read:  Dental emergencies can cause severe distress and never occur at a convenient time. Whether it’s due to a tooth causing sudden intense pain or due to an injury, dental discomfort can stop you in your tracks.  The following tips can help you if a dental emergency happens to you or one of […]

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How Important Is It to See a Dentist After a Facial Injury?

Posted November 11, 2021

2 Minute Read:  Facial injuries occur due to a number of reasons, from sports injuries to car accidents to clumsy trips and falls.  Whatever the cause, facial injuries can result in serious physical and appearance problems. One of these problems is dental damage.  Whether the accident leads to chipped, cracked, knocked-out, broken, or loose teeth, […]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pull Your Teeth

Posted January 08, 2021

3 Minute Read: The ripple effect of COVID-19 is causing many dental practices to change hours or temporarily close and emergency rooms to be overloaded with high demands. Unable to receive help, some dental patients are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Some patients are even resorting to dangerous D.I.Y. methods in an […]

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