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Category: Pediatric Dentistry

How to Help Kids Prevent Cavities After Halloween

Posted October 26, 2021

2 Minute Read:  Halloween is synonymous with candy. Regardless of your kids’ Halloween plans this year, there will undoubtedly be many sweets going around. And while you may not be able to stop your kids from eating sugar entirely, you can be proactive in helping them reduce their risk of cavities.  Keep reading for tips […]

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Start Your Children’s School Year Off Right With Healthy Teeth!

Posted September 27, 2021

3 Minute Read:  It’s been a while since most kids were in a real classroom. For over a year, most children attended their classes online.  With the new school year starting, many kids are now heading back to the classroom! So why not start the school year off right by scheduling a dental appointment for […]

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What Age Is Best for Dental Sealants?

Posted August 06, 2021

2 Minute Read:  No matter your age, needing dental work is likely not your favorite thing. Unfortunately, for most, the need for dental correction is a standard part of life.  Cavities and tooth decay can occur at any age, and many people wonder if there is any way to prevent them from happening. The good […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Children Excited About Visiting the Dentist

Posted September 24, 2019

There’s really no way to get around it: not very many people consider going to the dentist a fun activity. While we might not fully understand why (we think it’s an absolute blast!), adults who have been going to the dentist their entire lives are still liable to put off a check-up or cleaning. If […]

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