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Category: Root Canal

5 Best Soups to Promote Healing After Dental Work

Posted November 01, 2019

3 Minute Read: After sitting in a dentist’s chair for what can seem like hours, the last thing you want to think about is eating boring foods that will leave you feeling hungry.  Oral surgeries like wisdom teeth removal or root canals and routine dental work can leave your mouth feeling sore and painful. One […]

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A Root Canal Is a Good Thing (We Promise!)

Posted October 04, 2019

Root canals: they are “excessively painful,” “cause illnesses,” and “should be avoided at all costs.” You “should wait until the very last moment, when the pain from a tooth infection is so unbearable that you can’t eat without feeling pain, to have the procedure done.” You might even “want to consider having a tooth pulled […]

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Acute vs. Chronic Toothache: When to See Your Dentist

Posted March 01, 2019

The nagging pain of a toothache can affect your daily routine from chewing to overall comfort. Without the necessary treatment, a toothache can worsen and potentially develop into a more severe condition. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may need to schedule an appointment with your dentist to alleviate the discomfort and treat the […]

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