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3 Reasons Your Athletic Child Should Wear a Custom Mouthguard

Posted September 12, 2022 in Mouthguards

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It is not uncommon for accidents and injuries to happen on a sports field. While there is no way to prevent these injuries from happening, there are ways to help protect your child’s teeth to ensure they do not experience any more trauma or damage than needed.

Young male athlete puts a sports mouth guard in his mouth.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child involved in organized athletics or enjoys more spontaneous sports activities, investing in a custom mouthguard can help your child avoid painful and expensive dental injuries.

Non-Custom Sports Mouthguards

  • Stock mouthguard –  While stock mouthguards are cheap, they are often ineffective as they move around and easily fall out. This option also interferes with the ability to speak.
  • Boil and bite mouthguard – A boil and bite mouth guard is designed to be heated up in boiling water, allowed to cool slightly, and then molded to the teeth by biting down on it, while this option is a little bit better than a stock mouth guard, it can be difficult for the child to make an accurate impression and tends to lose its shape.

Custom Mouthguards

While non-custom mouthguards can still provide protection for your child’s teeth, it isn’t necessarily the same protection that is available with custom mouthguards. 

You can expect three key advantages when choosing a custom sports mouthguard.

1. Safety and Protection

The safety of your young athlete is the number one priority, and a well-fitting mouthguard provides significant protection against trauma to the teeth and gums. A custom sports mouthguard will stay put if your child collides with an object or another child, reducing the impact and risk of injury.

Without protection, your child’s chances of experiencing a dental emergency increase dramatically, and treatment can be costly.

2. Durable and Long Lasting

Lower-quality mouthguards don’t last. The boil and bite guards lose their shape and ability to protect the mouth, while the stock guards don’t provide any measurable protection and are uncomfortable.

Although a custom sports mouth guard is a little more expensive, it is made of quality materials and resists wear and tear better than your other options.

3. Comfort and Functionality

Because it’s fitted to your child’s unique bite, a custom sports mouthguard will allow your child to communicate with their teammates. Other options make speaking difficult and can reduce the team’s ability to perform in unison. 

A custom mouth guard also allows your child to drink water or another beverage without removing it.

Sports Mouthguards and Pediatric Dentistry in Las Cruces, NM

Gentle Care Dentistry provides pediatric dental care and mouthguards from our Las Cruces, New Mexico office, along with night guards to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism). Call today to  learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Should your child require emergency dentistry, including tooth extractions, we also offer these services. Call (575) 222-7624 immediately for the best chance of saving your child’s teeth.