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What Is the Difference Between ClearCorrect™ and Braces?

Posted December 21, 2020 in ClearCorrect

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Dental braces are a highly effective method for correcting the misalignment of the teeth. 

woman beautiful smile holding a transparent brace mold

While braces were once depicted as nerdy or uncool, they are now embraced by adults and adolescents of all backgrounds. Even famous socialites like Gwen Stefani, Emma Watson, and Tom Cruise have benefited from repositioning their teeth to more flattering placements. 

Even still, the metal, ceramic, and wire that comes with traditional braces are undesirable for many men and women. Luckily, ClearCorrect™ offers a discrete and effective method for helping those struggling to correct their teeth alignment. 

Do ClearCorrect™ Trays Hurt More or Less Than Braces?

Generally, ClearCorrect™ has been known to cause less discomfort than traditional braces, which is one of the many reasons patients choose ClearCorrect™ to straighten their teeth. 

This is because ClearCorrect™ is a system of teeth aligners that utilize the convenience and hassle-free benefits of transparent trays. These clear trays are tight enough to apply correction but comfortable enough to be worn without irritation. These trays are also easy to remove when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth, meaning that the days of getting food trapped between your braces’ wires are gone. 

Often, the ClearCorrect™ experience is free of any pain or discomfort. However, each patient must go through four phases. At each phase, a new tray is manufactured to allow teeth to shift and straighten even further. Swapping these trays may be the only point at which patients experience minor discomfort as they begin to adjust to the feeling of new trays. 

With metal braces, patients need to have the wires of their braces tightened periodically. Although everyone experiences pain differently, tightening metal braces has been known to cause enough pain and soreness to warrant the use of over-the-counter pain medication. 

Are Traditional Braces Better for Severe Misalignment?

Removable alignment trays, like ClearCorrect™, have significantly improved over several decades and can be just as effective as metal braces for minor or moderate corrections. 

Metal braces may be more useful for severe cases, such as the rotation of canines, bridgework, or bite issues.

Do ClearCorrect™ Trays Work Faster Than Traditional Braces? 

The speed at which either ClearCorrect™ or traditional braces align teeth varies depending on the severity of the patient’s concerns. 

While there is no clear consensus on which treatment is faster, experts suggest that ClearCorrect™ will save patients a significant amount of time, particularly because ClearCorrect™ does not require dental visits for wire tightening. 

Some metal braces also require archwires, bands, and spacers, which take additional time to adjust and install.

Interested in Learning More?

ClearCorrect™ and other cosmetic dentistry methods offer many benefits. If you would like more information about ClearCorrect™, contact Gentle Care Dentistry by calling (575) 524-3722 or filling out our contact form to schedule an appointment today.